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How Do I Know My Size of Birkenstock Sandals?

Birkenstock Sizing and Fitting Tips...Shoes

A good fit ensures that you get all the comfort and support Birkenstocks can offer. So be sure to take time to get the right size and fit. Here are a few tips:

Sizing Birkenstock Sandals

Birkenstock footwear uses European shoe sizes and they come in Narrow and Regular widths. The regular width fits wider foot needs.
If you have not worn Birkenstocks before, or don't remember your Birkenstock size, have someone trace your foot while standing. Place your order then send your footprint tracings for a proper fit.

33 34 35363738
Women 2- 2 1/2 3-3 1/24-4 1/25-5 1/26-6 1/27-7 1/2
Men - ---- 5-5 1/2

39 40 41424344
Women 8-8 1/2 9-9 1/210-10 1/2 11-111/212-12 1/2 13-13 1/2
Men 6-6 1/2 7-7 1/28-8 1/2 9-9 1/210-10 1/211-11 1/2

45 46 47484950
Men12-12 1/2 13-13 1/214-14 1/215-15 1/216-16 1/217-17 1/2

Fitting Birkenstock Sandals
  • Typically, everyone has one foot that is a bit larger than the other. Always fit Birkenstock's for the larger foot.
  • Open all the straps and place foot in the footbed.
  • Check to see if the foot has enough room and the heel rests completely within the heelcup. Each foot should fit inside the footbed with just enough extra length for movement while walking (approximately 1/4" extra length at toes). On the sides, the foot should fit closely to the edges of the shoe, without overlapping the rim.
  • Straps should be worn loosely; your feet should not feel "pressed" into the arch or toe bar; your feet need to move freely in the contoured footbed as you walk. Back straps worn too tightly push the foot forward, preventing them from resting naturally in the footbeds.
Repairs to Birkenstock Sandals
  • Repairs are available through our store. You can either bring your shoes in to the store, or send them to us with instructions enclosed.

Repairs which can be done are:

  • Heel Taps:
      No Heel Taps on Birkenstocks
  • R1450- Cork Repair (Minor): $9.50 each
      If a minor amount of cork is missing.
  • R1451- Cork Repair (Medium): $16.50 each
      If a medium amount of cork is missing.
  • R1452- Cork Repair (Major): $28.00 each
      If a major amount of cork is missing.
  • R1455- Full Resole: $39.00 pr.
      Before the sole has worn through the cork; when the tread is worn in the front and heel.
  • R1456- Full Resole Kids: $23.50 pr.
      Before the sole has worn through the cork; when the tread is worn in the front and heel.
  • R1458- Resole Footprints Birk Shoes: $82.00 pr.
      Resole the 'Footprints' Birks.
  • R1460- Reline Footbed: $40.00 pr.
      This replaces only the suede liner inside the footbed.
  • R1464- Replace Buckle:$6.50 ea.
      Replace missing or broken buckles
  • R1466- Recraft: $82.00 pr.
      If the footbed of the shoe is too worn to simply resole and recork. This repair replaces the entire footbed and sole, your shoes are then cleaned and shined. It's like a new shoe with your old straps.
  • R1467- Grinding Down Toe Grip or Rim:$28.00 pr.
      Adjustments to better fit your foot.
  • Lifts / Buildup:
      Can be added per customer instructions. Please call or E-Mail for assistance and price quote.

  • Shipping Charges: $7.00 per pair

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